Game done for the BrackeysGameJam#2

This is the history of Cupid's dawn. you need to find the persons with the same symbols to make them lovers.


  • WASD / Arrows to move
  • Space to select a person / reselect a person


  • v1.1: Added Colors and Timer


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Interesting spin on a match game. Another idea could be to have people tell you what type of person they like according to hair color or clothes, this would require more artwork so understandable that for a game jam time is limited. Nice music!

A little bit complicated but doable. I added today colors to make the game more difficult.


I love the music and the simplistic style :) My favourite part is how you added texture to an otherwise flat and boring design. Interesting idea as well :) Overall, good job! Keep it up :)

Thanks, yes the texture helps distinguish my flat designs.

Well thought out, good job :)