This is my first game and I am very excited to share it with you. I spend more than 1 month and a half to reproduce a project school game.

It tells the story of a viking penguin which family was murdered by communists chickens so he decided to teleport to their base and kill a maximum of them. It's a simple shoot 'em all.

Some sound effects aren't that good but you can mute the game in the settings. All the keys are in the settings too.

Thanks, TheRolf
My Website : , my twitter @TheRolfFR

Development log


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Hey developer buddy,

your game makes me smile, I like it :)

Music is nice and fitting, which I consider very important.

Since you are using Unity like me, try using Axis for movement , see This will give you instant support for Gamepads. 

As for the dagger, play a sound when it is ready again.

Thanks. I didn't use getAxis because you can customize the buttons in the settings menu, and I have to admit I never thought about gemepads because It was made to run in the browser.

I will add a sound and a visual feedback for the dagger as a future feature

Not too bad for your first game!

Maybe add an animation that shows when the dagger is ready again.

Thanks, I think it misses this too, I will add it soon!